Build apps that can read & write in African languages.

With the Bhala platform it takes just a few minutes to build products that can understand and respond to your users.

Social Media Classification

Gain insight into what people write and say about a brand or topic online.

Automated Customer Support

Give your users "24/7" unlimited text support through intelligent chatbots.

Create Content Quickly

Text generation, text correction, and other writing tools that save time.


Powerful experiences for your users.
A simple to use platform.

Use the Bhala platform to quickly design and deploy intelligent applications tailored to your own needs without the overhead and costs of building your own solutions from scratch. We're with you all the way!





African major Languages

You don't have to break the bank.

Our pricing is fair, simple, and designed to keep you growing.

In case you're wondering...

You don't have to be an AI expert, our platform automates the expertise.


How much NLP expertise do I need?



Is there an API access?

Yes. We provide an API and code samples you can add to your project.


How much data do I need?

Our state of the art "low-resource" language models greatly reduce the need for extensive data.


How long until I can get up and running?

Our platform is designed to get you running in as little as 5 minutes.

Use Bhala and save time & money.

Building intelligent tools that support African languages from scratch is hard. Bhala is the fastest, and easiest way to reach your audience in the languages they speak.

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